First Impression
Episode Run July 23, 2016 - TBA
HoH Competition BB Virus (When the first infected Houseguest hear's an alarm, He/She will infect another person who can't win. Alarms will periodically sound until one person is left uninfected).
HoH Winner TBA
PoV Competition TBA
PoV Winner TBA
Nominated TBA
Evicted TBA
Episode Chronology

"First Impression"





User Role
x-LostRealm Host
ishy26 Amberly Wilson
Sadico-Nutjob Archer Blake
Saturated-Sunrise Asher Lopez
Hey-Hollywood Janelle Banks
FIuffi Nelyse Anderson
Honey-Zest Nestor Navarro
Hailoez Pierce Gujic
BlueFriday8 Priscilla Cicarelli
AstralDaydream Raini Sweet
Emperor-Lucas Sawyer Montgomery
Transparent-Lady Sloane Adams
JazeEmm Ti'Shaun Fletcher
P1NETHREE Vincent Giordano


  • Because Amberly was the prvious HOH she was the first infected.

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